February 9, 2013

How to Survive Winter, Part II: February

  • Just say "February" as many times as possible.  It's a really fun word to say.
  • Bring someone flowers.  The arrangement above cost less than $5, including the thrift store glass for a vase.  Alstroemeria (the white flowers) last a long time, are inexpensive, and have lots of foliage.  Check the sale flowers at your grocery store - they can usually be cleaned up very nicely.
  • Make hearts to hang in your window.  And I typed that as "winder" at first.  I promise I don't really talk like that.
  • Like in January, go for a walk!  Enjoy every bit of sunshine that you can.  Cat's really do know where it's at on this point.  Own that vitamin D.
  • Make scones.  Drink them with tea.  Here's a nice looking recipe.
  • Watch the sky.  It's changes so much, daily shifting from blue to blush to tangerine to violet to black to peach and back to that bright, aptly named sky blue.  February clouds are lovely, too.  Hardly anything in nature shouts God's awesomeness (and I mean that in the traditional, weighty sense of the word) as much as the sky.  
  • Go to a maple syrup festival, if at all possible!   The one we enjoy is typically the last week of February and the first week of March.  If yours has maple syrup cotton candy, all the better.  You need to try this.  If you have a maple tree, you really should try your hand at tapping it and making syrup.  I'd love to join you.
  • Smile at complete strangers, and tell your family and people you know how much you love them.  Often.

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