January 13, 2011

January, Thus Far

     Christmas break and this first part of January have been very fun. Well, excepting the walking pneumonia and sinus infection that accompanied them.  Those were not fun.  In fact, they were almost miserable.  But I digress.

     Over Christmas break I read several of Gene Stratton Porter's books.  If you have not read Freckles, please make every effort to do so.  I'm not quite as fond of her books The Harvester and Laddie, but they are still wonderfully good.  
     I would make a final update of the list, but that will have to wait.  It's not finished...
     Classes started again on Monday, and of the four I am taking, I definitely like two.  I haven't decided about the others.  One of the professors said something to the effect of, "People have this belief that university professors are left-wing, radical liberals out to brainwash our students.  And we are!"  I guess we'll see.

     How has your new year been so far?

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