June 8, 2011


After sixteen busy days on the road in North Dakota and Minnesota, our family is safely back at home.  Here are a few of the highlights:
  • Being with my extended family.
  • Spending time in Minot with close friends.
  • Making cake and going to graduation parties with Kate.
  • Seeing Joanna of Jo-with-it's Portfolio and her fun family.  It was the first time in nearly seven years, and so enjoyable!
  • Celebrating my cousin's graduation.
  • Watching birds.  If you ever want to see a wide variety of birds, including ones you've never heard of (Bay-Breasted Warbler and Philadelphia Vireo, anyone? I didn't know they exist.), go to North Dakota during migration. 
  • Swatting vulture-sized mosquitoes.
  • David shot his first raccoon.  And killing a carp.  And a rattlesnake.  For real.  Somehow, David is still alive.  
  • Music, music, music!
  • Reading and painting.
  • Meeting Joren, a Swedish woman who was a foreign exchange student at my cousin's school last year, and came back for the graduation.  She was so sweet, and very fun to talk with.
  • Watermelon and blueberries. 
  • Spending lots of time outside, in the grass, wind, and sun.  
  • As always, coming home.  This was especially fun, as Beth and Dad couldn't come with us on the trip.

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